Went back to Amish Country today….



Was quite an interesting day for me.  Early this morning after determining that it would probably rain all day – and riding was out of the question – I decided that a good kitchen cleaning was in order.  I’ve been canning and freezing food all summer and mostly giving my kitchen what my Mom calls ‘a lick and a promise’.  Basically just giving everything a skim over and letting it slide.   I worked in there for about 3 hours, rearranging cabinets and making room for the canned food and organizing the cabinets.   My friend Debi called about 10:50 or so and asked if I wanted to go to Amish country with her and another friend since we couldn’t do much else.  I sort of hemmed and hawed back and forth about going and finally she twisted my arm and I said yes.  (didn’t take TOO much twisting!)   I put on clean clothes, put my hair in a ponytail under a cap and off I went.   Arrived at Debi’s house and promptly locked myself out of my truck – leaving my purse, camera, cell phone, keys and money in the front seat!!!  Argh!   After deciding that I could spend the day ‘off the grid’ so to speak, we headed out.   It’s a strange feeling knowing that you’re completely at the mercy of your friends.  No money, phone or ID at all.  I’m a worrier by nature and of course the thought crossed my mind – what if we’re in an accident?  I have no ID or insurance card – how would they know who I am???    I finally decided that it couldn’t be helped by whatever amount of time I spent worrying and set my mind to having fun. 

We visited Emmanuel Gingrich on Morgan Drive and our friend bought a bridle from him.  He and his family are probably my favorite to visit because they are so friendly.  Some of the families are very stand-offish and will hardly talk to you, but I suppose that I’ve spent so much money in their shop and go so often to see them that I’m getting to be a regular.   I love the quality of his tack, I’m not easy on my equipment and certainly appreciate well crafted leather.   We visited Abe Gingrich in his shop where he makes saddle bags.  His saddle bags are the best I’ve found.  Virtually indestructable.  We ride some pretty rough terrain and my bags still look as good as the day I bought them.  I was pleasantly surprised to find that he’s now including drink holders in his design.  🙂  I’ll have to stop by next time I go (with money in hand) and get another set.   There were a few other farms that we went to, but there were several that were closed for the day.  

My parents have been waiting for time for the Amish to cut the sugar cane and make Sorgum Syrup.  Emmanuel said he’s cutting his in 2 weeks, so I guess I’ll be going back that weekend with them.  I really love that place.  🙂

These few pictures are some that I’ve taken up there on the sly on previous trips.  It is against their religious beliefs to be photographed and all of these were taken with a telephoto lens.  Yeah – yeah I know – I probably shouldn’t have taken them, but it is SO hard to explain to someone who has never been there just how beautiful and simple the farms really are.



Taken in Ethridge Tennessee

Taken in Ethridge Tennessee


We got home late and my son had brought my truck keys and put them in the tool box for me.  He failed to realize that the door key had broken and was still in his pocket, so Debi had to bring me 1/2 way home to meet him and get my key.  Where’s that rolling eyes icon when you need it?  LOL  Anyway I finally got home at 9 pm.  Whew – what a long day, it was fun though, spent with good friends.    Yeah, I’d say that life is good right now!


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