Today is weaning day….

I’m keeping all the heifers out of our bull Moses for the next little while.  He’s getting on up in age and we’ve decided to replace him with a red bull sometime in the next year or so.  It will be sad to see him go, because he has sired some beautiful babies for us over the years, and has always been easy to handle.  I’m hoping that by keeping his heifers we can preserve that good Limousin bloodline that he carries and that they will inherit their daddy’s easy going personality. 

I have 8 heifers that are old enough to wean, and getting them sorted out of the herd was no problem.  The problem is that the two biggest and prettiest don’t respect the electric fence.  Granted, it’s not carrying a full shock right now because with all the rain, the grass and weeds are grown up around the fence.  But those two Hussies went thru 3 different fences like it wasn’t even there!!  Tomorrow I’ll get those two up again and they will spend a couple of weeks in solitary confinement behind the barn in the panel pen that no animal has ever escaped from.  Pity for them because it will be muddy and nasty within an hour or so.   If they manage to go thru a fence again, it will be the last time and their next trip will be to the sale barn.  No matter how pretty they are – pretty is as pretty does around here.  Just one cow that acts stupid will get the whole herd riled up and it’s just not worth it to keep a stupid animal around.  That can get a person hurt or property torn up – especially my fences!

So the agenda for tomorrow will be to HOPE for a day of no rain.  Get the lawnmower out and cut the grass as good as I can around the fences.  Call all the cows back to the house, pen them all up with those two heifers and then resort the herd back down to the two.   Sometime in all that I’ve gotta put the hay spear back on the tractor and get a round bale of hay out for the 6 ‘good’ heifers that have so far (knock wood) stayed where I put them.  I’ll also have to make a trip to the farm supply store and get some more ant killer.  Evidently all this rain is driving the FireAnts up out of the ground because they are AWFUL right now.  It would be REALLY nice if sometime in all that I could sneak a ride in on Dusty, but I’m not holding my breath that it will happen. 

Oh I almost forgot!  We had two new babies born this morning.  So in addition to the 8 that I’m weaning now, there are now an additional 5 heifers to wean come spring (so far).  🙂   One of the new heifers is almost a carbon copy of her mom Socks.  SO CUTE!  I got to pet her just a bit this afternoon before she got spooked from the dogs and ran back to her mom.




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