Am I just paranoid or what?

Today I went to Broken Spoke, a local western store to check out what they have on sale.  They’re advertising a big ‘tent’ sale and in years past, I’ve scored some pretty good deals.  Found a couple of tops for me and got 2 pair of Wranglers for Amanda – $19.99 each! Whoop!  Anyway, went up to the counter to pay and after the transaction was complete, the guy who checked me out said something.  I *thought* he said – ” You need to diet.”    **** HUH?****  My first thought was that this STRANGER was telling me that I’m FAT.  Yeah I know I’m FAT buddy – Don’t need some stinking MORON to tell me I’m FAT! –  Then reality hit and I realized that he had ACTUALLY asked if I wanted a Diet RC Cola or a Regular RC Cola ( You need a Regular or a Diet?).  DOH!!! LOL  This store gives you a RC Cola and a Moon pie when you buy something.  I meekly told him that I needed the Regular RC – diet colas give me a headache – must be the artificial junk inside.  Once I got out in the truck, I had the thought that I sure hope I had a good poker face on, because if he could see what I was thinking on my face he was probably wondering why that crazy lady looked murderous!


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  1. Dean

    sweetheart, anyone who knows you knows your crazy

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