My mind was wandering  and it occurred to me that once we ‘grow up’,  it’s easy to forget to enjoy the simple things in life.  I sort of took a trip down memory lane and remembered some things that I once loved to do as a kid…..

lay in the yard and watch the clouds go by – try to find recognizable shapes, or at night, try to pick out the constellations

catch june bugs, tie thread on them and have pets for a day, when we went inside, we tied them to the handle on the screen door and put the bugs on the screen

catch lightning bugs and make an organic night light if you could sneak them into the house past Mom

drinking out of the water hose

playing freeze tag

playing hide and seek

climbing trees and seeing who was the bravest and would go the highest

sliding down hills on cardboard

picking clover flowers and tying them together to make bracelets and necklaces

picking sassafrass stems and chewing on them

eating ‘billy goat grass’ – that really sour clover stuff – I haven’t seen any of that stuff around in years

roaming all over the woods of the neighborhood

riding bicycles

making up our own goofy dances to the music on the radio – this was long before music videos and Solid Gold came out

spitting contests

catching bugs and terrorizing my brother with them    When I got bored with chasing him (or he went in and tattled on me) find a spider web and ‘feed’ the spider

riding down the dirt road on the back of the pickup – standing behind the cab

playing outside in the rain

picking wild Queen Anne’s lace and putting them in jars of water with food coloring to watch them change color

cold cold popsicles

Purple Passion drinks  and cream twirls

Getting Mom’s broom or mop and turning it into a stick pony – a hoe would work in a pinch, but a mop worked best ( gave me a mane and a bridle all in one)

swinging from tree branches

tossing rocks up in the early evening when the bats came out to watch them chase them


Looking over my list here, it’s quite obvious that I was a Tom-Boy, eh? LOL    Or maybe it was that we were so mean that Mom had to make us go outside all day to keep from going nuts. 


Tell me about some of your favorite childhood activities!



How about some childhood pics to poke fun at? 🙂

I was obviously a child of the 70’s.  This first photo is Me, my brother Glean and cousin Laney.  I’m thinking this photo was somewere around 1977 or so – check out the “pixie” haircut.

Not sure why I was SO mad in this picture.

I think I’m reverting to my childhood!  Look at those jowls – I can see myself getting them again as I get older.

You can just see the mischief in those eyes…

 Ok so I found this one in my myspace album and JUST HAD to add it – check out the self inflicted haircut – first grade photo.

Maybe that’s all!


1 Comment

  1. maryksmith

    I love the old photos!

    Favorite childhood memories of mine-
    -catching lightening bugs
    -rolling down hills
    -playing badminton with our makeshift net strung between two trees. We had no boundaries and no rules.
    -Hanging out at the barn and riding

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