When it rains – Country girls need something to do…

Can’t ride or do much outside right now because it’s storming – pouring rain.   So I made salsa this morning.  My father in law is a flea market fanatic and brought two large boxes of tomatoes for me earlier this week.  I found cilantro on sale at the grocery for 50 cents a bunch and had jalapeno, garlic and onions on hand already.   I love salsa and chips, it must have been sent down from the hand of an Angel because it’s good for you too!  Here’s a couple of pics of my version:




I also found an interesting critter out in the driveway this morning.  At first I thought it was a tiny snake, then thought it was a worm.  Upon closer inspection saw that it was leaving a slime trail so then I thought it was a slug.  I googled and found that it’s called a Hammerhead Worm.   Brought it up on the porch to shoot some pics to share here:


Nasty looking – huh?

Here is a link to a story : 


I also have baby squash and baby cucumbers growing on my plants.  More pickles to be made soon!  Yum!


I’ll probably play around with some pics this afternoon since it’s raining.  I’ll banish myself to my bedroom soon because Alabama football will be on the big screen and watching my husband watch is literally a circus.


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