Days you wish would never end…

I haven’t been riding much lately – which is really strange considering that I no longer work outside the farm.  But it seems these days that I have SO much to do that I never get caught up anymore.   Or maybe it’s that I’m keeping myself more busy with all these little canning and happy homemaker projects that I keep taking up.  LOL

This morning, my friend Carol invited me to come over and spend the afternoon with her and her husband Mike riding the property out behind their place.  I was very happy to go, I love those two dearly and I always know that between the two of them, there will be TONS of laughter.  I don’t think you could ever meet a couple more suited to one another. 

So I hooked up the trailer and caught John the Mule.  Neither of the boys have been ridden lately and since Carol and Mike ride mules, well I thought I’d ride mine too!  LOL  John wasn’t really happy to discover that I had other intentions for him than feeding, but he soon got over it.   I trimmed his mane up, and discovered that he will tolerate being vacuumed off with the shop vac.  I fully expected for him to fight me or even worse to have a wreck, but he stood as still as a statue and even leaned into the hose a couple of times as if to say ‘That’s the spot!’.  🙂   Another reason to be thankful for his previous training.   Got him loaded and off we went.  Totally forgot about the traffic going thru Boaz for the Harvest festival and that was a lot of fun to pull a loaded horse trailer thru bumper to bumper cars and trucks.  (being sarcastic here!)  Wasn’t too horrible though and saw lots of gawkers staring at the white mule in the trailer – hee hee.

Arrived at Carol and Mikes to be greeted by the resident Jack Donkey Gus.  If you’ve never met a Jack, well, let’s just say that God didn’t make many creatures that can be louder.  My goodness that boy can bray loud enough to wake the dead and is the resident greeter.  But he’s a cute fur ball and I’d love to have him in my pasture – even if he is noisy.  John wasn’t really thrilled with him, but I reckon he was just being stuck up.    We rode from 1 until 4:30 over creeks, up and down hills and thru some ragweed and other weeds that were literally up over the mule’s heads.   They live beside some really beautiful property and are very lucky that the owners allow them to ride out there.  We saw lots of deer and a big hawk, rode thru a very old fruit orchard and ate apples straight off of the tree.  I kept thinking that I didn’t want to go back to the trailer or the day to end.  It felt SO good to be outside on such a beautiful day.   Mike and Carol kept me in tears from laughing with the stories that they tell.  If it’s true that laughter is good for the soul, well mine is doing  just fine tonight. 

 Of course, all days -even wonderful ones –  eventually come to an end, and it seems that the ones that you would like to stretch out longer actually go by much quicker!  When we arrived back at the trailer, both John and I were covered from head to toe with Beggar Lice.  Ah well, no big deal, it came right off with a curry comb when we got back home.   I forgot to take a saddle bag so I could take the camera but did manage to snap a few pics with the cell phone before killing the battery.   Hope you enjoy looking at them as much as I enjoyed making them.



  1. I REALLY REALLY need to ride soon. I’m going batshit here!

    let me know when you want to …I’ll come up and meet you if the gas needle cooperates.

    • We rode today but I didn’t think about calling until we were already there. Sorry. You just need to call or email us when you want to go.

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