My entry at I Heart Faces Photography …..

This is Buddy the Yard Sale Dog. He belongs to my Father In Law and is our dog Ty’s daddy. Buddy’s job is to look cute and lure unsuspecting people in to buy carloads of junk from my FIL’s yard sale. He does this by sitting so perfectly still that you think he is a statue. Upon further inspection, those deep brown eyes catch yours and your heart just melts. You reach out your hand and feel his silky soft fur and he nuzzles you back with affection. At this point, you literally begin throwing dollar bills down and putting things in your car with abandon, so complete is the hypnosis of the Yard Sale Dog.

So be warned, if you’re ever in Ivalee Alabama on Hwy 278 and see that yard full of junk. Don’t stop if you haven’t made your mortgage payment yet, or you just might be another victim of Yard Sale Dog hypnosis!

The contest is at – Wish me luck!

By the way Buddy’s perfectly harmless! LOL



  1. Aww my sister and I are looking through some of the pictures and when we saw this one we both laughed and said simultaneously “that’s cute!” great shot.

  2. Dea

    Aww thats so cute! What an awesome post and quite the dog to be willing to keep them glasses and the sign on- my dog wouldnt keep it on for more than a minute! Great shot!!

  3. Lori

    Those photo and the story are just adorable.

  4. OMG! I would buy everything in sight. What a cute billboard!!! Is he for rent?

  5. Love his smile, very slick…

  6. This is a great shot! He sounds like he’s a great dog. Next time I’m headed down to Gadsden I’ll keep an eye out for him!

  7. So cool! What a good dog!

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