My Wish List – aka Bucket List

This post will be a work in progress, as I’m sure my wishes will change over time and there’s no way I can think of every thing I want to do in my life in one sitting. But here goes….

1. I want to ride my horse in every state. I’ve managed Alabama, Tennessee and Georgia so far. That only leaves 47 more! lol I realize this probably won’t ever happen, but this is a wish list!

2. I want to travel to Italy and Spain.

3. I want to scuba dive.

4. I want to sky dive or hang glide – I don’t care which – just want the feeling of flight.

5. I want to be completely out of debt. Getting close on this one!

6. I want to see my son graduate college.

7. Read all the classics.

8. See the Grand Canyon.

9. See Niagara Falls.

10. Learn to drive a horse and wagon.

11. Write a book

12. Swim with dolphins

13. Visit the Smokey Mountains

14. Take some college courses

15. Learn Spanish

16. Get to ideal weight

17. Run a marathon

18. Learn to play Piano

19. Learn to dance

20. Bury the hatchet with those who I have grudges/grievances with

21. Go on a cruise

22. Make a difference in someone’s life

23. Take photography classes

24. Take art classes and make a painting.

25. Send a message in a bottle.

26. Gain a deeper understanding of God and my own spirituality.

27. Attend a Kentucky Derby

28. Attend a National Finals Rodeo

29. Visit Australia – for as long as it takes to see the country

30. Go on safari in Africa

31. Go on a real cattle drive – preferrably in Australia



  1. Definitely get to the Smokey Mountains!!! We go every Sept. for an annual Car Show, and I absolutely love the National Park, and Gatlinburg, Pigeon Forge, Cherokee, ok, nevermind you get the idea. Great list, makes me want to put mine in “writing”, too.

  2. I know for a FACT you’ve accomplished #22.

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