You never know what the day will bring….

We started out our new year with a soggy rainy mess. Saturday January 1st brought thunderstorms and buckets of rain. Was a day for napping and just general laziness.

Sunday January 2nd dawned clear and cold and muddy. Started out my day like the past 10 days have been with bottle feeding baby goats and checking pregnant nannies. Chris decided to build a milking stand and I helped him work on that a bit. Then out of the blue I get a phone call asking me to take a rescue (starved) horse in. Those of you who know me know that I can’t say no to an animal in distress. That’s the reason our farm has become an absolute menagarie of animals!
The horse’s name is Starbucks – aka Buck. He is about 17, a buckskin supposedly off of a plantation in south Alabama where they used him for hunting and mounted shooting. He fell on hard times when he was brought north. That’s about all I know about him. His age is supposed to be around 17, but who knows? He seems to want attention very much, walked away from a round bale of select bermuda hay to be with me. Poor fellow…..
I truly believe there is a special place in Hell for people who do this to animals. There is NO excuse!!! If you can not feed them or take care of them properly, then sell or give them away or at the very least put them to sleep!!!!!!
For now the plan is to rehab him and see what happens. I’ve been sort of looking for a husband safe horse, and have always had a soft spot for animals in bad situations. Regardless, if I do end up re-homing him, he will NEVER be hungry or skinny again.

Tonight he got a scoop of grain to go with his hay, a tube of gentle de-wormer for dessert, and a blanket to keep him warm and cozy while he sleeps. He seems restless, and I suppose he’s a bit stressed, after all, he just took a trailer ride in 30 something degree temperature and as far as he can tell his new companions are just a herd of goats with a donkey two fences over that keeps hee hawing hello. Dusty and John are in one of the front lots so we can hold a week or two of quarantine and make sure Buck didn’t bring any nasty passengers along that are communicable. I’m not sure if he even realizes that there are other horses here or not.


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  1. Tricia… Thanks so much for taking Buck in. Poor guy. He’s so lucky to have found you. He’ll look like a different horse in a few months.

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