I’m a bit concerned about Buck

He’s not eating much hay at all, even though I picked out the best round bale in the barn that was reachable by tractor. One would think that a half starved animal would devour everything in sight, but he isn’t. He does have a hearty appetite for grain, and I’m adding a weight builder, probiotic and corn oil to his feed. He is eating *some* hay, as there was some in his poop.
I did find something quite disturbing in his paddock last night though. I was waiting for him to finish eating (he eats SO s-l-o-w-l-y) and I was keeping the goats at bay. Decided to get some of the poop out of the pen and found red baling cord in the poop. It had obviously gone thru his digestive tract because it was deeply bedded in 3 horse apples. My hay is rolled with the old fashioned kind that disintegrates so I know that he brought this with him. Anyway, I’m a bit concerned that there may be some more in his stomach.
This morning, I put even more corn oil in his feed, my idea is that perhaps the oil helped slide the other bit out and will help push any left inside there out. I also had some Metamucil and dumped half a container of it with some salt to make him drink for good measure. It was quite a cocktail! At first he was a bit put off by the smell, but then soon settled down to munching happily. I’m going by Tractor Supply today and will pick up a bale of alfalfa hay to see if I can tempt him with a bit of that.
I’ve got a bad chest cold and will be seeing the MD around lunch, and then going home – I’ll be able to closely monitor him and see if anything else interesting comes out.

My next thought is to take him to the vet to have a complete physical done on him – check his teeth, pull blood, etc. But that will have to wait a day or two until I get over this darned cold.


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  1. Kat

    Hey Tricia, as poor as he is, read up on refeeding syndrome: this may help with some ideas on how to help the poor guy:


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