Today was Vet day

Took Starbucks in to see Dr. Adams. Got his teeth floated. Doc said his back teeth aren’t so good and he’s struggling to chew up his roughage. The teeth on the bottom are almost gone flat with his gums. He recommended adding beet pulp to his feed and senior feed. Buck was a good boy and Doc commented that he was even better than most horses about floating who have been given a don’t care shot. 🙂 So for now, my mission is to find easy to eat stuff for him, things that he will WANT to eat. *sigh*

Stopped by Tractor Supply on the way home, picked up some shavings (on sale for $5.00 a bag!), got a bag of chopped hay, Senior feed, beet pulp and a bale of alfalfa hay. Turned him out into paddock by the house and gave him a scoop of the senior mixed with beet pulp and a little alfalfa and chopped hay in another feeder. He wouldn’t touch the Senior feed, but dove into the alfalfa. LOL He did manage to eat most of that, then walked off as if he was full. I guess it will just take some time to build his appetite back up. I was VERY pleased to see him going at the chopped stuff with gusto, that gave me a lot of hope! I left the Senior feed with him, hopefully he will go back and munch on it a little in a while.


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