Woke up at 2:30 am last night

This bronchitis is literally kicking my butt. Can’t sleep for coughing, and when I do sleep, it’s fitful and not restful. Enough whining, you came here to read about Buck and not my physical ills, eh? LOL

I’m at work today, not like I’m doing a whole lot of anything, but did have to come in and make sure the animals here have feed and water for the weekend + a little extra just in case we get the bad weather that ‘they’ are forecasting for the weekend. I heard one radio announcer saying that we will be getting up to 8 INCHES of snow. Whoopee – just what I needed. LOL Guess I do need to make a milk run to the grocery store so I’ll have enough for the kids. Those buggers are going thru a GALLON of whole milk a day. Hopefully that will decrease soon though as they have started eating hay with the nannies now.

When I got up last night and went to lay on the couch (so my poor hubby could hopefully get some sleep), I looked out the window and saw that Buck was cleaning up the remainder of his dinner. The silly boy finally decided that senior feed with beet pulp mixed with hot water and soaked well is GOOD stuff, but he didn’t like it in the feed pan and had dumped it out onto the ground. *sigh* But he was standing there slowly eating it, so that was a good sight. He was all toasty warm in his blanket and munching, a sight for sore eyes.

This morning when I went out, he had eaten about 80% of the chopped hay that I put out for him and the ground where he poured out the senior feed was clean. 🙂
I took string out and tied the feeders to the fence posts so he can’t dump it out again. That stuff is way too expensive to be eaten from the ground! Buddy boy if you want to lick the ground that’s fine, but you’re not wasting that $18 a bag feed like that – LOL

He still seems a bit lonely and I can tell that he would possibly like to be out with Dusty and John. When they come to the fence, he goes over and looks at them, but hasn’t shown any interest yet in actually touching them. I’m sure that Dusty’s charging the fence like a crazed fiend has something to do with that. Dusty is extremely jealous that Buck is getting ‘special’ feed and treatment. If he can see Buck eating, he will charge the fence and try to scare him away from the feed, even though there is no way that HE can actually get over the fence and get whatever Buck leaves behind. Dusty and John normally only get feed once a day – if that, lol. They are both air ferns and with a round bale in front of them, have blown up like hot air balloons since they aren’t getting ridden like they do in warmer weather.

Had to come back and add this!!! SOMETIME this weekend, I’m going to get this boy groomed. Can’t stand looking at that knotted tangled nasty mane. UGH I was thinking of shaving it flat and try to get it to all grow on one side. Half way down his neck it goes to the other side. Or maybe not – the old guy has lived this long with it split – why would I presume to think he even CARES what side it flops on??? LOL


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