I am ashamed….

Poor Buck. I cut his mane off last night. Couldn’t stand looking at that mess anymore, and the fairy knots were all the way to the base of the mane. He would have had hunks of long and hunks of short if I just cut those out. I’m all about symmetry, so I whacked it all off. With scissors. LOL Ah, well, it will grow back out, and I’ll keep it tidy and tangle free from now on! Photos will be forth coming once I actually feel like taking a camera outside again.

He has decided that the chopped hay and alfalfa from TSC is good stuff, and I am SO glad to say that his appetite is increasing. He now nickers to me in greeting (be still my heart!), and I’m sure that’s probably because he knows that I always have food with me. I’m not spending a whole lot of time with him other than feeding and watering because of this stupid sickness that has me in it’s grip. My entire respiratory system is affected now. Tonsils feel swollen, congested, etc etc.

If I didn’t have so many animals depending on me, I’d probably just lay down somewhere and croak.



  1. Tricia, I hope you’re feeling better soon!!!! I hate having to take care of critters and kiddo when I’m sick… I totally hear you about the just croak… I hope you’re able to get some rest. Is there anybody who can give you some help with chores?

  2. Meranda Silas

    You take better care of the animals than you do yourself! When are u taking yourself to the doctor?

  3. Meranda, I went to the Dr on Tuesday and got a bottle of 875 mg amoxicillin, and am taking it faithfully.
    Whatever this is that I’ve got – it’s tough!

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