Snow Day!!

The great Blizzard of 2011 struck last night and left the entire upper half of Alabama pretty much paralyzed. All roads are either closed or said to be impassable, and even the Governor is asking folks to just stay home. Handyman (my pet name for hubby) and I went out to feed this morning at 6 am and found that it is still dropping freezing rain on top of 7 1/2 inches of snow at our farm. This is the most snow we’ve seen here and we’ve lived on this farm for going on 15 years. The only other snow I remember in my lifetime being deeper was the snow in 1993 – we had over a foot that time.
Anyway, I did take the camera out and get a few shots – hope you enjoy them, cause I ’bout froze my toes off getting them!

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Haven’t ventured out beyond the barn yet, it’s awfully cold out and since I’m just now starting to get better, I don’t want to risk a relapse. Maybe later if the sun comes out I’ll put my Carhart insulated overalls on and take the 4 wheeler for a spin. 🙂


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