We ventured out into the world today

After seeing a neighbor brave the steep hill on our road and eventually successfully climb to the top (after getting two running go’s at it!) in his tiny car, we decided to try it ourselves in my truck. I’ve got new tires, and we spun a lot, but were able to slowly climb to the crest too. We found the roads here in our neighborhood to still be treacherous, but passable if driven slowly and carefully. When we got to the major highway, it was business as usual. Marshall county’s roads were in MUCH better shape than our roads, I was jealous that their road departments had been out working.

Chris and I went out to my place of work to check on my boss’ animals. The driveway was frozen, but we managed ok. The horses still had over half a tank of water and plenty hay. Poor Haley’s dog food was frozen, so I gave her some new food. I think Haley was thrilled to see someone, lol. I would bring her to my house, but she is an alpha dog, and I have 4 dogs of my own of which two struggle all the time over who is dominate. It wouldn’t be pretty to introduce a 3rd alpha into the situation.

We also went by the grocery and picked up milk for the kids that I’m bottle feeding. I started out bottle feeding two and now I’m up to 5!!!! There are 3 nannies that had twins and have quit feeding one of their babies each. It’s frustrating because they started out doing good. We are using over a gallon of milk a day just feeding these kids. Feeding them is turning into a WWE smackdown too, I only have 3 kid bottles, which means that while 3 are nursing the other two are trying to get in on the action too. LOL I need something like this:

May have to make a special Jeffers order and get one, I’m sure it would pay for itself by relieving some of the frustration. It will only get more hectic too, as the kids get older.

When we got back home, I took a nap with Bebo kitty. I love snuggling up with him and letting him ‘sing’ me to sleep with his gentle purring. When I awoke, Chris had been out to feed the cows and said we had a new calf. Of course, I had to get photos! Mama cow wasn’t having any of us getting too close though, so I’m not sure if it’s a heifer or bull. I’m hoping for mostly heifers this round of calving because we sold Moses our old herd bull and I want to keep his daughters to raise.

I also turned Buck out today with the herd. He has to be lonely in that barn alone, but I couldn’t take a chance that if he had some sickness passing it on to Dusty, John or Wiley. So far he has been fine though. Dusty of course had to show him who is alpha, but it was short lived and pretty much a non event.

Wiley and John were keeping their distance, they don’t warm up to strangers that easily!

And a few photos of the dogs:



And Rosie


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