I think I’m seeing some weight gain on Buck – what do you think?

He has started eating really good. I’m mixing beet pulp with senior feed and topping it off with probiotic, weight builder and a tiny bit of corn oil mixed with a gallon of hot water 2x a day. He also gets free choice chopped hay (which he mostly messes over!!). I’m turning him out with the other boys during the day for a while now and I think he enjoys Dusty’s company. He does NOT like Wiley the donkey at all, even though Wiley has done nothing to deserve his dislike. Must be a memory of another donkey.

Anyway, here are the photos, tell me what you think! These are from today:

And these are from the day he came here:

He’s wearing a blanket all the time right now while it’s so cold, and I think that’s helping too. I pulled it off for a while this afternoon so he could roll and get all the itchies off if he wanted.


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