3 weeks in….

It seems like longer, doesn’t it? Buck is steadily (s-l-o-w-l-y) improving. Saw a little more pep in his step and energy on Sunday when he got away from me – was taking him to the barn from his day paddock. He was easily caught though, so it wasn’t a big deal, other than he got Dusty all excited because Dusty LOVES to run/buck/play and anyone who moves faster than a walk is considered a partner in the game of TAG. LOL Buck was NOT impressed with his antics and quite happy for me to take him away from that silly whipper-snapper.

Chris and I drove down to Montgomery on Saturday to check out the Alabama Horse Fair. The fair was a disappointment to me this year. We did meet a vendor who convinced me to purchase another supplement that I started Buck on Sunday. It is CRS Gold DFM. This product is a probiotic – claims to help with feed utilization, etc. Here’s the mfg website : http://www.crsgold.com

The vendor had multiple photos of several different horses brought back from starvation on this supplement. That was what sold me. I’m still not completely happy with the amount of feed that Buck eats, so hopefully this will help increase his appetite. 🙂 I also got a good size hunk of rock salt as a sample from another vendor. (SCORE!) lol I haven’t put it out yet, haven’t decided quite what to do with it. Found a table with lots of info on trails in Alabama, a few that I didn’t know about. Have to check those out when this weather breaks.
We watched Craig Cameron work with a very pushy horse. A lot of what he did was just plain old common sense. He then did a Q&A session. I was mortified at the stupidity of some of the questions. Of course *they* say that there is no dumb question, right???? I suppose that’s why people spend mega $$$ on trainers like him though, just can’t put all the pieces of the puzzle together for themselves.

In other farm news – we lost another baby goat. This makes 4 lost since the week of birthing. We had 4 born over the weekend though, so our total kid count is back up to 30 as of this writing! I am currently bottle feeding 5 – with the help of one nanny. She lost her baby (the one born in the snowstorm and was frost bit – died), so I’m bringing her into the barn 2 times a day and she is unwillingly feeding 2 of the kids. (I tie her up and she just stands there with an expression that could kill on her face! lol) The 4 new babies are two sets of twins – one male and one female each. One of the females is absolutely adorable. Her head is a sort of caramel color and the rest of her body is white with the exception of her tail which is also caramel! I’ll try to shoot some pics soon – I promise! Looking at the new babies it is evident just how quickly the other babies have grown. Amazing!
I think we’re done with kidding for a few months. I only have 4 other nannies that *may* be bred, but they are all young, so hopefully they will wait until warm weather. I let Billy in the pen with the girls and babies, he went right back to work! lol So I’ll have another round of kids in June. I’m going to try to get it worked out so we can stagger and time the babies from now on. No more Dec-Feb babies for us! This trudging back and forth to the barn 2 times a day in freezing weather is for someone else.

I still haven’t been on a horse since New Year’s eve. I am suffering from withdrawals, I think – going into a depression. I had EVERY intention to ride Dusty tonight in the pasture. But the UPS man who was bringing a package to work had other ideas about me leaving. *sigh* Guess it will be another few days at least. Rain tomorrow, followed by possible snow and cold again. Blech….. Someone remind me of this in August when I’m complaining about the 98* heat, ok?

I guess I’ll live, and if I don’t, say some nice things about me when I’m gone – eh? LOL


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