Buck at 25 days

Tonight for the first time, I saw a spark in him. My heart jumped with joy – this absolutely made my week.
He’s had his blanket on since Sunday because of the weather, and I took it off this evening while I was stripping the stall and turned him out in the round pen. Footing everywhere is still a mushy muddy mess, so I was quite surprised to see him jogging around tossing his head on his own. So of course I HAD to shoot video to share.

Please excuse the lack of quality to the video, phone was on the last bar, and it was getting dark!

I think his body condition is looking pretty good. I’m quite pleased with the CRS Gold supplement I got at the Horse Fair. He is eating ALL the food I put in front of him now, and greets me quite eagerly when he sees me with food now. Yaaayyy!

And just for reference:

I also gave the goats another supplement block tonight. Talk about a WWE smackdown! LOL They go nuts when I put a new block in with them, kind of like me and chocolate cake.


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