Went Bald Eagle watching today

Chris and I got up before dawn and fed Buck and the goats. Loaded up the cameras and took off to Town Creek to meet the Bald Eagle watching group. It was colder than a…….. I’ll let you fill in the blank. Others in the group spotted two juvenile eagles flying over when I went to the truck to look for something warm to put on (no luck). The sun still hadn’t come up over the ridge of the mountain though, so even though it would have been GREAT to actually see them, photographing them wouldn’t have worked out too well.

From there, the group went up to the Lodge in the state park. The Lodge has just recently been completely remodeled, and this was our first visit since. It is stunningly beautiful. Whomever designed and decided on the furnishings did an absolutely wonderful job. We had the breakfast buffet which was both delicious and reasonably priced. Enjoyed fabulous company (made 2 new friends) and learned that it’s not a good idea for a 300 lb man to go rafting. LOL
No photos there, sorry – I was too busy stuffing my face!

We left there and went up to the north side of the dam to see a nest. We were not disappointed at this site, as the mated pair have built their nest within sight of the main road, and have baby chicks that have recently hatched. One of the watchers had a spotting scope set up and looking through it was almost like being in the tree with them. He told us that he had an attachment at home to put a camera on!!! Guess what just went on MY shopping list??? lol
We watched Debi’s dog Deacon and Kathy’s dog Ozzie play and I shot some photos of them while we were waiting for the male eagle to return to the nest. If you have never seen an eagle in flight – Oh my it is a majestic sight. Just breathtaking! You want to see some photos? lol Well, they’re not all that great, I was struggling with sticks and stuff between my line of sight and the birds, but here are a few of them…

Meanwhile, since it was so difficult to get a good shot, I wandered around checking everything out. Caught a MAJOR case of lens envy!!!

And started shooting the crowd and the dogs….

Then Daddy Eagle decided to come sit with Mom. A nice lady from New York who I had been talking to earlier came and told me that there was a better viewing spot that she would share with me.

From there, we went to High Falls and spent some time hiking and just relaxing. It was wonderful!

I just wanted to show you what a trail I had to haul my fat ass up to bring you these photos. Do you see a trail there? Well neither do I!!!! If Chris hadn’t been there with me, I might have made it out by dark alone! LOL He and I were the only two brave (read stupid!) enough to risk our necks and go down there to get the shots from below the falls. It was beautiful though!

After we got home, I was pleased to find that Buck had cleaned his feed trough and wanted more. πŸ™‚ I hooked up the horse trailer and got it ready to go tomorrow, cleaned up my tack shed that looked like a tornado went through it, and even oiled and powdered my western saddle! Whew! I am exhausted!!!

Right now as I am typing this, True Grit (John Wayne!) just went off and we’re watching Jeremiah Jones. Had a nanner sammich for dinner and sitting here with my feet propped up. I do believe that all I needed for this last month has been WARM days and SUNSHINE!!!! Life is SO good right now.

Hope your life is equally great! Thanks for reading, and don’t forget to leave a comment so I know *somebody* is interested in what I have to say.



  1. Nancy Mayo

    Tricia, I always enjoy your blogs! You could REALLY be a writer!

    • thanks Nancy, I did have some really great English teachers in school. πŸ™‚

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