Life on the farm – it’s a laugh a minute….

When I was coming back to the house from feeding kids and Buck this morning, I kept hearing a cow bellowing. Not the normal lowing that you hear from time to time, but the version of Bovine 911. My first thought was that someone was having a calf, and although it usually doesn’t work out, I do like to attend every birth here on the farm. There are just too many things that can happen and go wrong – even the old experienced animals who have done it several times before can have trouble with breech presentations, heads turned back, or even a too big baby that has to be pulled.

When I turned the corner around the barn, this is what I saw………………

As soon as she saw me, she quit her hollering. I guess she knew that I would rescue her, no matter what. LOL You don’t live too many years around here without getting wise, I guess. Cindy has been with us since the beginning, she and Winnie were 2 of our first cows way back all those years ago. I guess she’s about 15 now. Pretty old for a cow, but she is still a good girl, although she never quite gets fat anymore.

Anyhow, I figured that there are only 2 explanations:

1.) Aliens beamed her down into the wrong place after giving her a ride in their craft.
2.) The other cows flipped the ring over and she somehow ended up trapped.

My money is on #1 *grins*…..



  1. Tina B.

    Too funny! What a pretty cow, too. 😀

  2. Lisa Siler

    That’s too funny!

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