The Funny Farm should be our name

Almost every day brings laughter around here. These animals never fail to cheer me up, and sometimes they’re downright hilarious (as you saw in yesterday’s blog!). Today did not disappoint, watch the goat video and you’ll see what I mean….

I’ve gotta start taking a good camera to the barn with me to capture this stuff.

Another event of note happened today – it was Possum Day! I understand that most of the country calls it Groundhog Day, and believes in Puxhatawney (or however the heck you spell it) Phil. I’m here to tell you that a groundhog doesn’t know anything about predicting the weather around here – ‘specially seeing as how he’s several hundred miles away. Our local country radio station has been using Sand Mountain Sam as our weather predictor for the last few years. This was a big event, they even crowned a Possum Queen! This year, Sam got the royal treatment at Red Barn Animal Hospital before his big day at the radio station. As hoped, he did NOT see a shadow and it is decreed that we shall have an early spring.
Here’s Sam with his Queen :

Sam I’m holding you to your prediction! If you lied, I’ll have somebody hunt you down!


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