Whenever I’m feeling down

All I need to do is look in my spam email folder. Obviously, lots of people really like me and think I’m very special to send me such nice emails.

For Example:

Gold’s Gym is offering me an EXCLUSIVE 7 day Gym pass
Home Security 123 is offering me a FREE home security system
Customer Service says : OPEN THIS! 1 Million Dollar Prize!!!

I can get Viagra at a 61% discount – with FREE shipping! (wonder if they realize I’m female? Guess not)
Faviola Julianna is offering me a FREE Rolex watch
Vacation Special wants to give me FREE Airline Tickets

Those are just a few of the 2731 Spam messages in my gmail account. This is One month of messages – an average of 91 spam emails a day. Do the spammers really get enough response to justify their craft??


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