I made up a new recipe last night

Chris wanted Red Beans and Rice for dinner with Polish Sausage. I usually use Zatarain’s mix

because it’s easy and SO good. Didn’t have a box in the cabinet, but I did have home canned red beans and all the other ingredients on hand to try my hand at home made. OMG mine is 100 times better. At least *I* thought so, could have been that I was starving by 7:45 when it was finally ready! lol

Anyway, here’s what I did:

Tricia’s Polish Sausage, Red beans and Rice

1 lb Polish Kielbasa sausage – sliced into 1 inch rounds
1 large onion finely chopped
garlic cloves finely chopped – do this to taste – I use a couple of dollops of pre-chopped garlic
1 or 2 Tbsp Smoked Paprika – get it at Walmart – this is what makes this dish!!
2 or 3 Tbsp Creole Seasoning –
2 small cans Red Beans – I used 2 pint jars that I canned last summer
1 – 2 Cups Brown Minute rice – could use white, but I prefer the texture of brown

Saute onion and garlic in about 1 Tbsp of oil over Medium heat – I used Safflower – but canola/corn/etc would be ok. When translucent, add spices. Stir for a minute or so and add sausage. Keep stirring until sausage begins to slightly brown. May need to add a bit more oil, depending on how much fat your sausage releases.
Add Beans and stir. Add about 3-4 cups of water – depending on how much rice you use. Pour in Rice and stir. Add more water if needed. Cover and let slow simmer until rice is done, checking and stirring every so often and adding water if it looks too dry. We like ours a little ‘saucy’ to pour over cornbread.
I like a little Tabasco sprinkled over mine just before digging in.


Please excuse my lack of exact measurements. I NEVER measure anything when I’m cooking (except when following a recipe for the first time). I cook by taste, a spoonful now and then and adjust seasoning accordingly. That’s just the way Mama taught me to cook.

And sorry no photos, I didn’t think of taking any. I’ll shoot some next time. Just make some this weekend and see in person how yummy this is!

Smoked Paprika is my new favorite spice!


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