Really Busy Weekend here…..

We attended my nephew Brandon’s basketball game Friday night. Brandon is a senior and this was a playoff game – lose and you’re out. It was a hard fought contest, but thankfully they won. Go Sardis Lions! This is the high school where I spent most of my teen years – 7th thru 10th grades, so it has a special place in my heart. 🙂
My two nieces Amber and Lindsey were there with their children – Lylah, Keri and Brody. I’m always so happy to see them – I say they’re my grandchildren by proxy – or my ‘pretend’ grand babies. 🙂

Keri and Lylah

Saturday Chris and I spent working in the barn. We finished putting up boards around the stall walls – keeps the horses off the tin. Finished screwing down all the boards around the stalls, ran electric wires to a new outlet plug and a new overhead light in the stalls. Then we put up more wood around the goat pen inside the barn so the babies can’t climb out inside. We finished up the day by running a wire from the charger in the barn outside to the two ‘hot’ wires around the goat pen. Then spent the next half hour cracking up at the babies getting shocked. Yeah we’re a little bit mean like that! lol It’s for their own protection though. I saw a coyote in our cow pasture Friday evening, and we’re hearing them again in the woods.

Ended the day chasing Dusty down the road. Chris had left the main gate open and he escaped along with John the Mule and Wiley the Donkey. The dogs gave chase and the race was on. Luckily he only went next door, but boy oh boy was I MAD!!!! I said a few words best left edited out for moral purposes, but suffice it to say it wasn’t pretty. Dusty got a good scolding, then since he wanted to run so bad, he got some exercise behind the 4 wheeler for about 15 minutes. He never even broke a sweat although I was jogging him pretty fast. Put him in the barn for the night beside Buck who was NOT happy to have company. – that’s another post I suppose – Buck can’t stand him.

Today I spent doing a little house cleaning, playing with the camera, and mostly just soaking up the sun and warmth. It’s absolutely amazing what a little sunshine does for my outlook on life. Enjoyed watching the animals play and lay around in the sun. Couldn’t blame them at all for laying out in the yard napping – looked like a pretty good idea to me!

Watched Turbo stalk and attempt to capture birds at the feeder – notice that I said attempt. He never got within 10 feet of them. But it was fun to watch him ‘chatter’ at them like he was trying to hypnotize them into letting him get close!

He soon tired of that and started practicing his Jedi skills with his toy mouse….

And Buck is still doing good. 🙂

And totally unrelated to anything above – here’s a Sweet Gum ball….

Don’t know why I find these things so fascinating, but the shape/structure always appeals to something in me.
Have a great week everybody! The weather here is forecast to be fantastic!

LOTS more photos in my Flickr account :

My Flickr Photostream


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