First ride on Buck last night

Came in from work and spent a good 15 minutes just brushing loose hair off of him. There is an incredible amount of hair coming off that horse! Decided it was time to fit the saddle to him. The black Big Horn flex tree that I use on John fit him pretty well. May need to double pad for a little while to compensate for that bit of sway in his back. Was happy enough with the saddle fit to climb aboard for a short ride. Took him out in the pasture to lunge him for a minute first – after all I’ve never seen him under saddle so I wasn’t 100% sure~! LOL

I should have known everything would be just fine. Hopped on and off we went. He is very forward and eager to walk on, large stride and swingy walk. INSTANT compliance to anything I asked. Knows how to flex, was afraid of nothing that we saw. This horse probably knows more than I do, lol. I’ve got to figure out all his buttons. I’m pretty sure that he knows how to side pass, etc, but I have no idea how to ask for it since I’ve never owned a side passer. Pointers anyone?

All total I probably rode him for about 30 minutes, lots of long forward walking and jogged him a few times for short stretches. The farrier comes tomorrow and I *was* going to pull his shoes, but now I’m thinking about putting some back on. He was FUN to ride, and I’m looking forward to getting him in shape now.

Also thinking about maybe getting him on a supplement for building muscle – suggestions anyone?



  1. Karen

    On sidepassing. This is how I do it.
    Create a wall with your reins. Meaning, you don’t allow forward movement, but don’t pull back. Ask with your seat bones, and outside leg. push/pulse your leg on his side encouraging him to move, while urging him over with your seat in a sweeping, sideways movement. Not huge movements, just subtle. See if that works. It should if he knows how to sidepass. Outside leg, meaning the leg opposite of the direction you’re asking him to move. Most horses have an easy side, and a more difficult side. If one side doesn’t work, try the other direction. Good luck! He’s looking great! Is he yours? Are you keeping him?

    • Karen, thanks for the info, I’ll try it this evening (maybe). Yes he is mine, no one else would have been willing to spend the money I’ve already spent on feed to bring him back. He still just picks at hay. I have seen him trying to graze a bit on the little bit of grass poking it’s head up, so hopefully that will help too with the weight.

      I am thinking about keeping him, I do really like him. We will see how it all turns out. 🙂

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