Ride 3 on Buck …..

3rd ride on the Yeller Feller tonight. His personality is truly starting to come out.
I’ve got to work him on standing still to be mounted. As soon as he feels you lift your right leg off the ground, he wants to walk off. I want him to stand still until the rider is firmly in the saddle. I think part of it is probably training, and some of it is that he just wants to GO, come on let’s get outta here attitude.
He’s got a few other tricks up his sleeve, nothing nasty, but he *thinks* he can bluff me into letting him out of work. Silly old man, I’m WAY more stubborn than you’ll ever be!! lol I rode him around the neighborhood, up the road and back. He’s quite forward and has a nice swingy walk that is comfy. When we topped the hill out in front of the house, he put on the brakes and decided he wanted to go back to the house. After a short conversation about who was actually in charge, he resigned himself to that long forward walk again. He tried it a couple of times on me until he figured out that tactic didn’t work. We went up and down the road and back, passed mailboxes, big garbage cans, strange dogs, and vehicles with out problem. Climbed a hill out at the end of our road that the 4 wheelers keep torn up. Found out that he thinks he’s supposed to RUN up hill. #2 thing that I’ll have to work him on. I don’t want him thinking that he can just lunge himself up a hill, that’s just dangerous. Came back to the house and he wanted to keep on going. We went out to the pasture, and he decided it was time to quit. NOPE, didn’t I tell you that I’m in charge Old boy?? LOL He pulled the old “well I’ll just back up until you let me have my way” tactic. Then I got the “throw my head and act mad” tactic.
Ok Buck, you don’t scare me. LOL Go ahead and be silly and get it out of your system. When you get done, we’re going in the direction that *I* want to go.
So off we went to the cow pasture for a while. Took him up and down some pretty steep stuff out there, JUMPED the creek (#3 thing that will need work), sloshed thru the huge puddle out in the far pasture, over lots of fallen logs, over rocks, ect. He did really good, and I’m quite pleased with him.
He is a thinking horse, which I guess is the reason he thinks that he knows best. When we got back, he got two large carrots for his efforts, and that made his world perfectly perfect again. 🙂

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