Sent some beef to the sale

ALL by myself! πŸ™‚

Gathered the whole herd yesterday and sorted out 4 cows and 4 bull calves. Our herd bull ‘Chief’ has only been here a few months and I don’t really know him that well yet, so when he decided to stay with the group, I didn’t force the issue. So far he seems gentle though – thank goodness – and I want to keep him that way.

Jim said I could come home early today because of the weather coming in. That worked out good for me because I wasn’t looking forward to loading cattle in a storm. I came home and caught them all up into the round pen behind the barn and sorted out 1 cow and Chief. I had planned to only send the two older cows was going to keep another of the cows, but she can be a bit aggressive and when I couldn’t get her away from her calf decided it best to let her go on too. Called the stockyard in Arab and asked for a pick up. This is why I use them, they come and haul the cattle for me. Easy Peasy – plus their bookkeeper lives down the road from me and hand delivers my check.

The driver must have been new, he wasn’t one of the guys who usually comes, and he ended up letting one of my calves escape. 😑
Thankfully Chief was still hanging around the barn and I was able to walk both of them back into the catch pen and then run the calf up the loading chute and onto the trailer.

So hopefully they will do well at the sale. The ONLY help I had in this endeavor was Kyle helping me walk Chief and the escaped calf back into the catch pen. πŸ™‚


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