Need help finding a home for my rescue horse Buck

Cross posting this everywhere – please pass on to friends who are horse people. Thanks

I am looking at ways to cut monthly costs. Right now I’m spending roughly $100 a month on feed alone for him.

Ideally, I would like him to go to a home where he will have his own paddock area, because as low man in the herd – he will let anyone else get his feed. He MUST be fed a good feed daily, he does best on a complete pellet because of his teeth. Right now I have him on a local feed and I am seeing major improvement. He can not chew or process normal hay or long grass.

I will give him to the right home, BUT I have to KNOW that he won’t be starved again. If I can’t find a good home, I’ll have him put down rather than see him starve.

He is a gentleman both in hand and under saddle. He has a very forward swingy walk, a nice trot and a canter that doesn’t let your butt hit the saddle. He likes to go and has a TON of heart. He is tall enough for a man, and I think that with some more filling in, would be just fine for a husband horse. In his current weight, he is ideal for a woman or up to a teenager. I don’t think he would be good for a timid rider, as he has a good bit of GO and likes to move on out.

IF he goes to someone I don’t know, references will be required and checked. Sorry, but I have put a LOT of money and effort into saving this horse and like I said before would rather him be put down than to see him starve again. I know that’s harsh, but that’s just how it is.

Contact me by email for more information or photos.

tricia dot gilliland at gmail dot com

Here is an album on facebook of his photos since he came to live with me:

Please share all around to your friends and help this boy find his final and forever person.

Thanks Tricia


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