Buck the Rescue horse update

Well, as they used to say, he’s come a long way Baby. But the war is not won – yet. His weight is to an acceptable point, (in my eyes barely – but I’m used to riding a horse shaped like a sofa!). The heat of summer has brought his appetite down some, and the weight gain has slowed drastically. Perhaps with exercise, he will regain that top line, but I am not exercising him for a couple of reasons. Number one being that I think it’s too hot on him, and number two being it’s too damn hot on me too – even early morning breaks me out in a sweat if there is effort involved!
We’ve still got a couple of July days and then the dreaded Dog Days of August. Honestly, I don’t see how August could get much hotter than we’ve already experienced this year, but I digress….

He is eating between 3 and 4 gallons of good feed daily (milled locally just days before I pick it up – usually 6 bags at at time), free choice lush grass and an occasional heel or two of bread.

I’m planning to take him with me to Buffalo River in late August and ride him lightly then (depending on the heat). So for now it’s just hang out, eat, swat flies and poop…..

Adding this to make my husband happy:

Buck is looking for his forever home. I will give him FREE to the right person. Please notice that I said RIGHT person. References will be required and checked thoroughly. He is suitable for a rider with a secure seat who is not afraid of a little bit of go. He is all business under saddle and the perfect gentleman. He has been extensively ridden and although I don’t know his past, I believe someone put a LOT of time into his training. He’s broke broke broke – the right way. He rides out confidently alone or in a group. He enjoys being alone in the pasture or with a non aggressive pasture mate as he is the lowest of the pecking order. He ALWAYS comes when called, nickers to the feed bucket and ADORES anyone who will take time to scratch all the itchy spots.
Broke to cows, goats, dogs, etc. His ONLY downfall is that he is aged (17-19) and he is smooth mouthed in the back. He can NOT eat normal hay. Soaked chopped alfalfa or soaked alfalfa pellets are fine. He can eat grass that is up to about 4 inches or so tall, anything longer he will chew up like a wad of tobacco and spit out. He just can’t process it. Please know that this is NOT a horse who can just be turned out and survive, I don’t care how good your pasture is, he will starve again. He MUST be fed a good complete feed, and it takes a good bit of it.

SO, if you think you are the right person for Buck, and think you can pass my scrutiny, contact me and we’ll talk. I don’t care if he lives out his life here, doesn’t bother me a bit. 🙂


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