Sushi – What’s to love?

This post is a little late, as this happened last Friday night, but I just can’t get it off my mind.

Our normal family ritual is to go out to eat on Friday night.  Sort of an end of the week – ” Whew – we made it to the weekend” type of thing.  Sometimes it’s just me and Chris, but more often lately, we get Kyle (son) and Sarah (GF) tagging along.   Miss Sarah is the shy sort and doesn’t much speak her mind.  I think maybe she’s finally warming up to us, because lately she has been talking more and voicing her opinion.  Yaayy!  Nice to have another female voice around the house.

Anyhoo – we were in the truck on our way out and debating the virtues of different eating establishments.  I asked her what her favorite foods were to which she answered ” Chinese and Pizza “.   Ok, so I am not a huge fan of pizza but do indulge on occasion if it is made with minimal sauce and tons of cheese – a cheese cracker if you will, and Chris absolutely does NOT do Chinese.  Surprisingly enough, HE said, ok Chinese.  I was dumbfounded.

So, we go to this little Chinese buffet in Boaz – you know the one in front of the WalMart.  Chris is starving but probably only eats about 5 bites of some chicken before he quits.  Just not his thing.  I have a little sesame chicken, some ‘crab casserole’ which looks like imitation crab with cream cheese and cheddar on top, a crab leg, and a couple of crab angels.   Mine was pretty good, not great or even a 1/4 as good as Asia Garden in Albertville, but I digress.   Sarah had a plate with sushi and was busy chomping down on the stuff.  Now this girl hardly ever eats much and I was amazed to see her going at it with such gusto.  Made me believe that Hey maybe there IS something good about sushi.

OK, hit rewind here to several years ago when Amanda was still at home.  We were at a Chinese buffet in RBC, and she made a deal with me that if I would try sushi, so would she.  She went first, kept a straight face and raved about how good it was.  Trap was set with bait and of course I jumped right in!    OMG the most foul oily dead fishy taste EVAH!!!!!!    Completely ruined my meal.  All the while, Miss Amanda was laughing like a hyena.  Not cool to pull that on Yo Mama!

Fast forward back to Friday night.   Sarah is truly enjoying this sushi that this restaurant offers, so I start thinking, well maybe I got ahold of some BAD sushi in RBC that night and maybe I really might like it.   So I pull up my big girl panties and go get two little wheels of the stuff.   I couldn’t tell if it had any meat in it or not, it kind of looked like this and Sarah said it was vegetarian….

Like a dummy I ASSumed that because there was no fish = no fishy taste.  Little did I know that the taste so foul comes from the SEAWEED.   Took a bite and I almost gagged right there in front of God and everybody in the restaurant.     UGH  NEVER AGAIN!!!    I truly wanted to spit there at that table SO bad.   But I once again pulled up those panties and swallowed.

When we left the restaurant, I kept burping up rotten fish oily taste all night.   GAG…..

So the next time I see that pretty sushi on a tray, I don’t care WHO is eating it and how much they are enjoying it, I’m going to just say HELL NO.


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  1. erin

    LOL! Tricia- that is totally crap sushi! I LOFF sushi but would never eat it off of a buffet. YUCK!
    Good, fresh sushi is fabulous- like little bites of heaven but you have to get it from the right places 🙂

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