One of these days……

I will get a grand baby.  My daughter has been married for 3 years and still isn’t ready for a baby.  That is OK, I will wait (like I could do anything else!) and hopefully she and her husband will find themselves in a position where they are ready sooner rather than later.

Anyway, in the mean time, Future Granny ( That would be ME ) has been looking at baby stuff on pinterest.  Yeah I know, kinda silly, but a Granny in Waiting can wish and hope – Right??  At first it started out just poking around looking at other stuff, but then I started seeing all these NEAT photos of babies from other photographers.  So I started pinning those.  Then I started finding props, and crocheted baby hats on Etsy.  Have you seen the little cowboy hats and boots???

So, I have picked up my cast off crochet hook – well I went to Hobby Lobby and bought NEW hooks because years ago I tossed mine in the Goodwill box – and have started practicing crochet again.  I actually made a fly bonnet for my horses.  It looks kinda dorky and isn’t as nice as the store bought ones.   Chris said it looked like a court jester cap.


And now I’m working on an afghan – beautiful shades of turquiose, purple and blues.  Will post photos when it’s done.

When it is finished, I may go ahead and make this blanket – just cause I think it’s purty.  😉


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