The Great Helmet Debate

I just read and article today about a woman who was killed in a horseback riding accident.

This made me think about all the people out there who won’t wear a helmet for whatever reason – and believe me there are MANY.  I have personally been guilty of using several excuses and occasionally get lax about the helmet.  So please don’t think I am trying to pound my personal preferences into anyone’s head.

The fact is, I truly believe MORE folks would wear helmets if they were made more widely available.  It is easy to type horseback riding helmet into google and find a helmet to fit any budget.  BUT what you see on the internet does not necessarily fit your noggin.  Yes you can use a tape measure and get a numerical size and order that way.  MY noggin is not round shaped like most helmets are made.  I have more of an oblong shaped head, therefore, probably 75% of the helmets out there on the market give me a headache.  I don’t know about you, but if it gives me a headache while doing something supposed to be fun – well, why do it???

So I propose that we of the Equine community put pressure on the makers and retailers to establish local places where you can go in and actually put these helmets on your head and pick out the RIGHT helmet the first time.   I think it would be AWESOME if Academy Sports, Dicks and others of their kind would recognize Equestrian sports and start carrying at least some rider gear.  And WHY not?  They are leaving an entire market of folks out in the cold.

Here is a link to Academy’s comments and questions page:

Please take a minute and drop them a line asking them to start carrying Rider Gear.

And yes I am aware that TSC carries a few helmets, but the supply has been limited every time I have ever been there looking.




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