We have babies


goat kids that is!  Currently the count is 17, but I have several nannies who are getting ready to deliver.  The ratio as of now is about 70% girls – which is good because I’m planning to keep females this time around to help build up the herd.  (I’ll be replacing the Buck before they get to breeding age).    So far, this group is very healthy and we have only lost 2 due to first time nannies not knowing what to do and rejecting one of their twins.


The chicken flock is down to 8 total birds – 7 hens and 1 roo.  They finally started roosting in the top of the barn rafters, so now they are safe from the neighborhood fox who I am sure was the leading chicken thief all summer.    I am feeding them layer pellets now, but no sign of an egg.  It will probably be spring before I start seeing eggs, but I guess that is ok.  They are very tame and I have to laugh at them when they go to roost or jump up on the barn rails – they are so big and fluffy it reminds me of the Stay Puff Marshmallow man trying to jump and fly!  🙂    I have to put their feed in a trough way up high because if I don’t the goats climb up and steal it.   They have turned out very pretty, and I’m very pleased with them so far.



I’m riding almost every day now.  Jim and I ride pretty much every day at work (weather permitting) for at least an hour.  One of the great perks of my job!   I’m planning to take him on a ‘real’ trail ride soon. Watch for an update on that!  LOL


Life is pretty great right now.  I leave you with this thought….



We lost my Father in Law in September after a prolonged illness – and things are just beginning to get back to normal here on the farm.  I’m hoping to regularly post again now that the weather is turning cooler.






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