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My chickens – a love affair

  I purchased 25 Wyandotte chicks from Murray McMurray hatchery last spring.  My chicks arrived around the end of May and I was thrilled.   After raising them under the heat lamp until they feathered out, I put them in the barn – in my goat pen.  They did well for a while until the …

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We have babies

  goat kids that is!  Currently the count is 17, but I have several nannies who are getting ready to deliver.  The ratio as of now is about 70% girls – which is good because I’m planning to keep females this time around to help build up the herd.  (I’ll be replacing the Buck before …

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The chickens are coming!

Well, they are actually already here, but they won’t be HOME for a while.  Jim ordered some replacement chicks for his flock to take the place of the fatalities he has had in the past few months, and in order to get the 6 that he needed, I ordered some to make up the difference …

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